Frequently Asked Question

MobyWalletis a leading student portal helps to provide you all latest updates on Education. In addition to normal Educational updates, we have introduced Coupons & Cashback section for our Students where they can save Extra Money with us while shopping online
Accessing MobyWalletCoupons section will help you in many ways like-
  • Redeem Cashback in Real Money – Cashback earned via MobyWalletis your EXTRA saving top of what our popular stores (Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, MMT, Goibibo and others) are offering. This is a Real Money which you can redeem in your Wallets& Accounts
  • MobyWalletExclusive Coupons – At time we use to have Exclusive Coupons codes from our online shopping merchants to help you give extra shopping credits which are available anywhere else, so keep an eye on this and save More than Extra money.
  • Search made it Easy – The navigation to your favourite store is veryeasy at MobyWallet, simply search by Store Name, Product name etc and access it.
  • Product Deals– Apart from offering Merchant Coupons, we offer Product Deals like Deals of Electronics, Apparels & Accessories, Mobile & Accessories, Home & Décor and many other categories available.
  • Support– We help our customers with best in class customer support wherein you can reach MobyWalletTeam via Email or Skype to know about your queries & concerns.
No, Coupon Codeor Voucher Code represent the same things and both are there to provide extra discounts. It is just a nomenclature from merchants.
Finding any store or category is very easy at MobyWallet, you need to simply type the name of your stores and it will show all the coupons available under that store.
We usually display the Cashback amount on top of every store. You simply need to visit the merchant store like Myntra, Flipkart, MMT and there on top of the store you will find like “Upto 10% Extra Cashback from MobyWalletOR EXTRA Rs.200 Flat Cashback from MobyWalletOR Get EXTRA 5% Cashback from MobyWallet”
  • When it is written Upto10% Cashback then it means there can be 2%, 5%, 7% or 10% Cashback which actually comes from merchant partners, e.g. one merchant must be offering 5% of Electronics, 7% of Apparels, 10% of Shoes and likewise
  • When it is mentioned FLAT 5% or FLAT Rs.200, it means you will get a flat %age or fixed amount on top of your shopping.
  • It can vary in case of Users also like New Users can have different Cashback and Old/Repeat users can have different
There is simple process to earn Cashback at MobyWalle
  • Step 1 –You need to create your account at MobyWalletwhich can be easily created via your Mobile No (OTP), Gmail, Facebook etc
  • Step2 –Browse the store or category you want to shop for.
  • Step3 -Shop Online from your chosen store.
  • Step4 –Once you shop online from MobyWallet, job done and the displayed Cashback will be credited in your Wallet
You need to keep below things in mind while shopping online
  • Do finish your shopping in the same session which you started after you being redirected from MobyWalletto merchant portal.
  • Do not close the window before finishing your shopping
  • Try to turn off the third-party extensions.
It is actually varyingfrom merchant to merchants. As some of the merchant shares the credit of shopping at real time while some can take 3 to 7 days to show. As soon as we have confirmation, it will reflect in your accoun
We follow a minimum of 30-days cycle to confirm the cashback amount as merchant confirms us and then it will be pass on to you. The reason why it takes that much time because Merchant confirms us the actual shopping order after having their return/exchange period. Then merchant pays us the commission which will then be paid to you based on pre-decided Cashback amount against respective store.
Cashback Tracked

Cashback Tracked after shopping

Merchant Confirmation

Merchant Check Returns/Exchanges/
Cancellations/Frauds and Confirms back
(60-90 days) And pays us the commissions

Cashback Confirmed

We pay you the decided Cashback amount

Yes, there is a minimum of Rs.300 amount which you must have in your MobyWalletWallet to redeem in your Wallet The upper limit of Paytm withdrawal is Rs.500 and a maximum of Rs.1500 can be withdrawal in a single day. Also, if you want to have your Cashback amount in your Bank account then there is a minimum threshold of Rs.2000 in your account. The upper and maximum Bank transfer limits are Rs.10,000 only.
NOTE- Online transfers to Wallets is although an immediate process but sometime it can take upto 48-hours depends on server congestion or so.
The amount which you want in your bank accounts will take a maximum of 5-7days
In case of Online Wallet redemption, we will ask for your Paytm linked mobile no and once it matches, we will immediately transfer the same.But in case of Bank transfers, you need to help us with below details-
  • Payee Name (make sure it should match with the account holder at
  • Payee Bank name
  • Payee Account No
  • IFSC Code ofbank
  • Bank Address
  • PAN Card No and Photo of PANCashback TrackedMerchant ConfirmationCashback Confirmed
  • Cancelled Cheque Copy
This is actually the Cashback reward which is not yet confirmed from merchants. When you shop online to any store after beingredirected from MobyWalletthen the earned Cashback amount will automatically be in your MobyWalletWallet in Pending stage till the time our Merchant confirms it to us. You cannot withdraw the pending Cashback amount because its subject to return/exchange/cancel from merchant end which we will notify you.
When you access any store from MobyWalletthen you need to access your account to check the store stats which you visited and shop online. You cannot earn cashback if youare not Login and visit store.
Yes, it is possible as actually the Cashback has been offered from our merchant partners and if they are not having any Cashback deal then it will not be passed on. But you can still availand avail Discounts from that merchant.
To check your Cashback history and earned amount, you need to Login to your account and there you can check history of your earned amount in Transaction History.
Yes, it can possible which in rare cases, but in all those cases you need to submit your request by providing all the valid details of specific transaction like Store name, Date, Amount, Transaction ID of that Transaction.Please note that cancellation of Cashback is totally upto merchant and we cannot fight with them until we have all the resources available with us.
You need not to worry about it as there are different time frames to get your Cashback credited in your account like in normal cases all Merchants use to confirm us the tracking of Transaction on real time or with a time span of 48 hours. But this time is actually long in case of Merchants like Amazon & Flipkart whichactuallytakes 7-days window to confirm us tracking of any transaction. Also, as stated above you must follow the steps for a proper tracking of Cashback like
  • You need to complete your shopping in same session which you started after being redirected
  • You turned off all third-party extensions which can hamper your tracking
Usually, merchants give us a Claim window of 5-7 days only that after end of respective month, so if you find any order missing, please do report it on time. For your understanding let us tell how it works –If you shop online from MobyWalleton 1st, 10thor 25thAugust then you have a claim window till 5-7thSeptember.
In order to report the missing transaction back to our merchants, we need to have details of –
  • Store Name
  • Date & Time of Click and Shopping.
  • Transaction/Order ID
  • Transaction/Order Amount
  • Proof of Purchase –Thank you for placing your order at Flipkart/Amazon/MMT, your Order ID is 123XXX4
Cancellation of cashback comes from merchant end only and when he says that the order came from MobyWalletwas –
  • Returned by Customer.
  • Cancelled by Customer.
  • Rejected by Customer.
  • Was a fraudulent order byCustomer.
  • The order was changed.
  • The order was partially shipped or partially cancelled.
  • The order was considered as a Bulk order from a wholesaler or a travel agent or a retailer specified by merchant.
  • The order was not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the store and doesn’t meet store/cashback policies.
Cashback enquiries can take little time depends on the merchant confirmation and it can take upto 40-40 days depends on how quick merchant resolve the query. We will try our best to resolve it at the earlies.
NO, the cashback which you earned at MobyWalletis all yours and this will Never expire. You can redeemit any time.
This can happen due to various reasons but do not worry about it as this will be a temporary error. You can reach our Supportteam us
Refer & Earn is a process where you can refer MobyWalletto your Friends, Family members & Colleagues to share your experience of earning Extra Rewards & cashback and when any of your reference does any purchase then you will get Referral Bonus/Commission specified on Refer & Earn page. Please visit the page for more detail here...
NO, there is no limit at all on Referrals, you can refer as many as possible and can earn more.
Refer & earn is a very simple and easy process where you need to figure out whom you want to refer and follow the simple steps given below–Generate your Referral Code from MobyWallet.Share it with your friends and update them to enter while creating an Account or at Sign Up with MobyWallet.You can invite and share via Social Media platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, via SMS/Text Message or via Email as well.
There are actually two type of Referral bonuses available with us which are described below –Normal Referral Bonus –When you refer any of your friends and they Sign Up with us with your Referral Code, then you will be eligible for Referral bonus.
Referral Shopping Bonus – This is something when any of your Referral friend does shopping via MobyWallet, you will get a Flat 10% Bonus in your account.The final referral bonus from this process will be reflecting in your account when the Shopping Cashback Confirmed in your Friend Wallet.
Yes,it it but to make it simple we have two options, just click on Referral Bonuses page and there you will see all the Referral Bonuses you earned and can request to redeem them.
Yes, you can Edit your profile under Profile sectionunder Settings whereyou can only change your Mobile no but not Email ID.
Although, we never suggest and expect this but if you still want to delete your account you can delete by writing our support team at Make sure by deleting your account will also delete all your account history with MobyWalletand that cannot be retrieved back in any case.